Our dual 2½" stainless steel systems are mandrel bent 304 grade polished stainless steel. Each pipe is one piece (no joins) and we use stainless steel welding wire. They also incorporate our patented custom merge pipe to increase low - mid range power and torque. These systems are $1490 including fitting.

We also have cheaper stainless steel systems which are similar to other exhaust shops. Ours are mandrel bent 409 grade and the pipes are not polished. They have an "X" pipe in them to increase low - mid range power and torque. These systems are $1200 including fitting.

Our systems sound awesome when you nail it but do not drone inside the car. This is because we use the best quality "Custom Mufflers". 304 grade stainless steel stays polished, 409 grade turns brown. A magnet will stick to 409 grade stainless as it is low quality "Bending Grade".

We have seen systems from other places that charge "Top Dollar" but the pipework is only 409 grade, press bent, and welded with mild steel wire.

Systems for all Budgets and Tastes

3" Single: - Our entry level system is our single 3" System which gives around 15rwkw increase over standard and sounds great. These systems are $550 in Mild Steel and $850 in 304 Grade Stainless Steel. These can be made drone free, in loud, medium or quiet depending on your taste.

Exclusive 3½" Single: - Using custom mufflers and dyno tested results, this system now gives an awesome sound, huge power gains and is virtually drone free. This is the best sounding system on the market. This can be made in loud and medium sound.

Dual 2½": - System with patented merge pipe which offers that sophisticated dual sound and great power increase. These systems can be made drone free, in loud, medium, and quiet to suit your taste.

Dual 2½" System Sound Sample - High
Dual 2½" System Sound Sample - Low

All systems are available in Mild Steel and 304 Grade Stainless Steel.

"Off The Shelf" Dual 2½" systems from $550 to $600 depending on brand (fitted free if you mention seeing it on the website)
Mild Steel = $550-600
Stainless Steel = $1200

Benefits of a Sureflo Custom Exhaust System.
  • Patented Merge Collector which gives full flow and increases low and mid range performance.
  • Mufflers are inline offset and perforated internals for full flow and maximum performance.
  • The biggest on our systems is 45 degrees whereas other systems have bends ranging up to 90 degrees. Our exhaust system has a straighter exit path which gives maximum performance and the least restriction.
  • Our Mufflers are custom made from 1.6mm material whereas the "off-the-shelf" mufflers are made from two layers of 0.5mm steel. Our custom mufflers give a nice deep sound to the exhaust system, which cannot be matched by "off-the-shelf" mufflers.
  • Our custom mufflers are heavy duty; all the seams are TIG welded which means that they will last a lot longer than normal mufflers.
  • Our Custom Stainless Exhaust Systems are made from 304 grade Stainless Steel, mandrel bent and welded with Stainless Steel wire.

    These photos show the difference in cross-sectional area between our "full flow patented merge pipe" and an X-Pipe that is commonly used in other exhaust systems. The cross-sectional area in our merge pipe is more than double that found on other exhaust systems, therefore the flow from our exhaust systems is unrivalled in performance.