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Dyno Sheets

Dual 2.5" Redback System with mafless tune. System replaced with a 3.5" system and tune touched up to suit.
The 3.5" had better down low power, same mid range and a lot more up top - 26rwhp gain.
3.5" cat back system with mafless tune - 60rwkw gain.
Surefloe Exhause Holden Cruze

Holden Cruze


Surefloe Exhause Holden Cruze

DriftZ – 300zx Drift car, Turbo LS1 conversion.
Note the near vertical power and torque graph, which means instant acceleration. This dyno was done in 5th gear due to uncontrollable wheel spin and fish tailing in 4th gear. We had around 500kg of weight in the boot to minimise wheel spinning. The majority of this car was made in-house at Sureflo Exhaust.

Surefloe Exhause Holden Cruze

Mazda 3 MPS Turbo
Before and after a Custom Sureflo turbo back exhaust system with Ballistic 100cpsi Racing cat

Surefloe Exhause Holden Cruze

Nissan S13 Drift car
SR20 engine – bigger turbo, turbo manifold, custom exhaust

Dyno VE Ext Comparison
VE 6.0 litre A6 auto - comparison between 1-3/4” extractors and 1-7/8” extractors

VE Varex
VAREX Dual 3” power comparison between open & closed on VE V8 Commodore

Chrysler 300C
Chrysler 300C 5.7 litre before and after a Sureflo custom dual 2.5” exhaust system
Sureflo Short 4>1 extractors for VY2 – VZ 5.7 and 6.0 litre 1-3/4” primaries into 3” outlets
LS2 GTO 6.0 litre short 4>1 extractors comparing the difference between 1-5/8” short 4>1 extractors to 1-3/4” short 4>1 Sureflo extractors. In 3rd gear the power increased by 9rwkw in the top end. When it was in 4th gear and allowed to wind out, the power increased to 257rwkw.
VY Series 2 A4 Crewman
  • 3½" Sureflo Exhaust, Sureflo Custom Computer Tune
  • Exhaust: 178rwkw, increase of 26rwkw.
  • MAF Tune: 193rwkw increase of 41rwkw over Standard.
  • VX Gen 3 M6 Race Car
  • Stock Standard Engine, Standard Air Induction, HSV Headers, No Cats
  • 3½" Sureflo Custom Exhaust, Sureflo Custom Computer Tune
  • GTO M6 Commodore
  • Before - Redback Dual 2½" Exhaust
  • After - Sureflo Dual 2½" Exhaust with Merge
  • VX M6 Commodore
  • Before - DF Dual 2½" Exhaust
  • After - Sureflo Dual 2½" Exhaust
  • VY R8 M6 Commodore
  • Before - Standard HSV Exhaust - 209.5rwkw
  • After - Sureflo Dual 2½" Exhaust, Cat Back with Merge - 228.1rwkw
  • VX SS M6 Commodore Back to Back Dyno Runs
  • MAFless Tune
  • Other Brand CAI - 218rwkw
  • Sureflo Exhaust OTR Direct Flow Intake - 238.2rwkw
  • VX2 M6 Commodore
  • Other Brand Cold Air Intake - 239rwkw
  • Sureflo Exhaust Cold Air Intake - 249.6rwkw
  • VT Senator 5.0L (5.7L - 355 Stroker)
  • 3" Cat Back Exhaust - 149.7rwkw
  • Pacemaker Extractors - 161rwkw
  • VY2 M6 Crewman
  • Standard - 167rwkw
  • 4>1 Extractors, Hi-Flo Cats, Dual 2½" Exhaust - 195rwkw
  • Increase of 28rwkw and 600Nm Tractive Effort. (Pulling Power)
  • VY2 M6 Crewman
  • Standard - 165rwkw
  • 3½" Cat Back Exhaust - 178.5rwkw
  • Increase of 13.5rwkw
  • VS V6 Commodore
  • Standard - 104rwkw
  • Extractors, Dual Cats, 2½" Sports System - 119.5kw
  • Increase of 15.5rwkw
  • VS V6 A4 Commodore
  • Standard - 98rwkw
  • Extractors, Exhaust and Chip - 115rwkw
  • Throttle body and Spark Plug Leads - 125.1rwkw
  • Increase of 27rwkw and 600Nm of Tractive Effort. (Pulling Power)
  • VY2 A4 SS Ute
  • Standard Exhaust - 183rwkw
  • Extractors, Dual 2½" Custom Exhaust, Custom Edit Tune - 221rwkw
  • Increase of 38rwkw and 1000Nm of Tractive Effort. (Pulling Power)
  • VT Gen3
  • Standard Exhaust - 183rwkw
  • Dual 2½" Custom Sureflo system - 207.6rwkw
  • Increase of 20rwkw and 600Nm of tractive effort. (Pulling Power)
  • 2004 Coupe3 GTS 300kW 6sp Manual
  • Stock Standard - 228rwkw
  • 4>1 Extractors, Cat Pipes, Dual 2½"
  • Custom Sureflo Exhaust - 253.5rwkw
  • 25.5rwkw increase in power and 600Nm of tractive effort. (Pulling Power)
  • VY M6 Crewman
    VY SV8 M6
    VX SS A4
  • Extractors, Dual 2½" Merge Pipe
  • Custom Sureflo Exhaust - 210.8rwkw
  • VY SV8 M6
  • HM Bolt On Cats Back System = 208rwkw
  • Dual 2½" Patented Merge Pipe
  • Custom Sureflo Exhaust - 223.5rwkw
  • VX SS M6 Sedan
  • Extractors, Custom Exhaust, Enlarged Cat Pipes
  • K&N Air Filter, MAF Pipes
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs and Magnecor Race Leads.
  • CV8 Monaro
  • Before and After Exhaust System
  • CV8 Monaro
  • Bolt On mods and Custom Sureflo Dual 2½" S/Steel Exhaust - 217rwkW
  • After tuning the computer - 244.5rwkW
    Note: A 300kW GTS is around 215rwkW in standard trim, so this is a very good result for the owner.
  • VX2 SS M6
  • 4>1 Ceramic Extractors, Custom Dual 2½", Stainless Steel Exhaust, Cat Pipes
  • SS Inductions CAI, MAF, MAF Pipe, T/Body, K&N Air Filter
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs, Magnecor Race Leads

    Note: Engines vary in power. This car made 242rwkW without heads and cam or LS1 Edit. We have seen cars with more modifications than this, with LS1 Edit and have made as little as 210rwkW. This is an exceptional motor.

  • VX Berlina S/Wagon A4
  • 4>1 Ceramic Extractors, Custom Single 3½", Stainless Steel Exhaust, Cat Pipes
  • SS Inductions CAI, MAF, MAF Pipe, K&N Air Filter
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs, Magnecor Race Leads

    Note: This has the same modifications as the VX above except billet throttle body, yet it only made 208rwkW which is still a good result.

  • VX Gen III Ute, Manual
    VX M6 Ute
  • Extractors, 3" System, Cat pipes, Cold air intake, K&N Filter
  • VX M6 Ute
  • Extractors, Dual 2½" System, Cat pipes, Cold air intake, K&N Filter
  • VX M6 Ute
  • Extractors, Dual 2½" System, Cat pipes, Cold air intake, K&N Filter
  • Ported & Recalibrated MAF & Throttle body, MAF - T/body duct
  • Low Temp Thermostat, NGK Iridium spark plugs, Magnecor racing leads.
    Sureflo Exhaust - Unit 4 Slater Rd Cnr 20 Broadhurst Rd, Ingleburn NSW 2565. Aus  Ph: (02) 9829 3158   Email: sales@surefloexhaust.com.au