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Our Patented Merge Collector has a large Cross Sectional area than the X-Pipe, H-Pipe and Kiss pipe designs that are commonly used. This means a bigger volume of air can pass through our Merge without restriction. It also acts like the X-Pipe by crossing the gas flow to increase torque and minimise gas pulses.

If most of the gas is made to cross sides it forms a restriction. Our merge allows gas to cross paths, mingle, and flow on the same side. This accelerates gas flow while minimising restriction, this results in more power and torque than any other designs.

These pictures show the difference in cross sectional area between our "Patented" Merge pipe and the commonly used "Kiss" Pipe. There is no restriction to gas flow in our "Patented" Merge pipe. These pictures show the difference in size between our patented full flow merge pipe and a normal kiss pipe that is used by virtually everyone else. The kiss pipe is not much bigger than a single pipe and is a significant restriction in the system.


X-pipes are used in dual systems to increase the velocity of the gas flow to encourage scavenging of the exhaust gases. The actual crossing and merging of the gas flow also increases torque across the rev range. This type of system was pioneered for use in race cars. It is now becoming popular in modern muscle cars, especially those with I.R.S. as the tailshaft does not move up and down with the movement of the car.

Other benefits of an "X" pipe is that they strengthen the system and also help to quieten the exhaust.


Below are pictures of a standard H-Pipe that was found on a 330kW Commodore derivative. Notice how the cross pipe protrudes inside to hinder the gas flow through the main pipes. This is not good for flow and creates turbulance which reduces the scavenging effect.


You can't underestimate the value of a properly constructed merge pipe on an exhaust system. As we pointed out above, the "Kiss Pipe" leaves little more than one pipe diameter for the exhaust gas to flow through.

How do you manufacture a "full flow" system that has a merge but doesn't infringe our "Patent"?

Below are photo's of a pretend merge.


Look at the colour of the pipes at the Merge. They have glowed "Red Hot" which means there is a huge restriction to flow in this area.

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