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Territory Turbo

The factory exhaust system on a Ford Territory Turbo, after the cat converter appears to be a dual 2” system, then flowing into a single 3” after the main muffler. If you have a close look at the pipes in front of the muffler you will see that they are different colours. That is because one pipe is completely blocked off, so the system is actually a single 2” system, flowing into 3” after the muffler.

If you check the pipes where they meet the collector behind the cat, you will may find it is leaking and probably cracking. This is because of the heat build up caused by the restriction. If you check out the photos, you will see how this pipe is completely blocked off. The plug is like a welsh plug and is welded in place. The plug has to be hit with a hammer & chisel to break the welds in order to remove it. Once it is removed, the muffler is straight through, the exhaust is still quiet, but the increase in performance is incredible for such a small modification. This simple modification increases power, increases torque, and increases fuel economy.

Why did they block your exhaust???

There are a few rumours floating around.
  • The Territory has a top mount intercooler, so the pipes are short and has less turbo lag. One rumour is the Territory outperformed the Turbo Falcon which has a front mount intercooler, so they blocked the exhaust to make sure the Falcon reigned supreme???

  • The exhaust was blocked to rob the Territory of power and torque in order to protect the driveline components from the extra power and stress associated with it???

  • Engineers just have weird ideas???

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