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twin charged (supercharged and turbocharged)
Audi 1.4 litre TFS1 Engine

These little cars are pocket rokets, and to look at them from the outside you wouldn't think they were a fast car.

The technology is from Audi & VW, so it is very good.  The supercharger kicks in early, and then the turbo takes over.  It automatically bypasses the supercharger when it is not required, or when it becomes a restriction to power.  Very clever technology.

It makes maximum torque (pulling power) from 1800rpm to 5000rpm, which is a very wide power band. 

Our exhaust modification will allow it to spool up much quicker, increase the power and torque, and make itmuch quicker.

2.5" Stainless Dump Pipe & Cat  $1150
includes a 2.5" Ballistic 100cpsi Racing Cat plus freight


Note:  The engine light will come on when the Dump is fitted. We sell Cheat RZ separately for $65 which trick the 02 sensor into not throwing the Engine Light.  Refer to the Cheat RZ page for more info.

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