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Varex, Sports Systems, Extractors, Dump Pipes and 4x4 Systems

X-Force are innovators who developed the remote controlled Varex Mufflers and now the Smart Box which has Geo Positioning and Smart Phone compatibility to control how much the valve opens and shuts, what RPM it opens at, or even opening and closing using GPS Positioning.

The Varex muffler has a push button remote control which can be activated while driving, which is handy if you don’t want to attract unwanted attention.

When closed, the exhaust is dead quiet, like a stock standard muffler. This is handy late at night or for early morning starts if you don’t want to wake your family or friends.

X-Force make extractors and sports systems to suit most popular performance vehicles. They are also supplying products to suit the fast growing dual cab 4x4 market.

X-Force make products in mirror polished stainless steel, unpolished stainless steel and mild steel, so for some of the most popular vehicles there may be 3 options available.

X-Force are an Imported product, so the price is very competitive, however, sometimes stock can be hard to get and may take months for the next shipment to arrive. As a Dealer, all of these products are available to us at competitive prices, and we can backorder products so we get them as soon as they are unpacked off the ship.



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