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About Sureflo Exhaust

Greg Stevenson

Greg started Sureflo Exhaust back in 1990. In the early days he was the NSW Distributor for Manumatic, which is the Redback brand. In 1996 Greg sold the wholesale business to Manumatic who branded it Pro-Ex, and Sureflo kept the retail car repair business. Sureflo has always been located in Ingleburn, and has developed into an Exhaust Company with a fantastic reputation for quality and drone free exhaust systems.

Greg patented the “full flow merge” as well as the “Over the Radiator cold air intake”. He designed the 3.5” sports system for Commodores and Fords, and these have been shipped all over Australia, and overseas. The 3.5” system gives a nice deep idle, race car growl when nailed and drone free when cruising.

Now he has designed the dual 3” straight through system for VE – VF Commodores which is under the noise limit of 90db, and drone free even on auto with AFM. Cars have come a long way since 1990, and Sureflo has moved with the times as well, and Greg has been keeping Sureflo ahead of others in the Industry.

On 1st September 2018 Greg Stevenson sold Sureflo Exhaust to Sunny and retired after 28 years of owning the business. Sunny has worked here for over 4 years, so he knows the customers and the products and he will continue the business.

Sunny Basant

Sunny is a licensed Mechanic and has been in the exhaust industry for over 30 years, so he has plenty of experience. He designed systems, made jigs, and made systems from these jigs to supply to a well known performance shop with online store. Sunny is experienced in service work, as well as brakes, shocks, and general mechanical work.

Sunny is a custom exhaust specialist and can custom make extractors, turbo manifolds as well as exhaust systems.

Next time you need a service done, or a pink slip for rego, book in with Sunny and he will help you.


Sureflo Exhaust - Unit 4 Slater Rd Cnr 20 Broadhurst Rd, Ingleburn NSW 2565. Australia  Ph: (02) 9829 3158 Email: sales@surefloexhaust.com.au