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Modern Diesel Vehicles may be fitted with a DPF to reduce emissions far more than what a catalytic converter can do. This also means they are much more restrictive. A catalytic converter has tiny holes inside the substrate, and they are like tiny tubes or straws. The substrate is coated with precious metals, such as palladium and it gets very hot. When the gas passes through these tiny tubes, the pollution is burnt off leaving inert gas.

As the tubes are open both ends, some of the soot and “Particulate Matter” can still get through, causing pollution. A DPF is the next step in the fight against pollution. The tubes inside a DPF are only open on one end. The gas must permeate through the sidewalls of the tube to the next tube and this captures the soot inside the tube. After a while the tubes will clog, so the vehicle goes through a self cleaning mode called DPF Regeneration.

DPF Regeneration only happens at highway speeds, so City vehicles that don’t travel on the freeway never regenerate. When the DPF gets to around 40% clogged, the vehicle stops and has to be towed. A “Forced Regeneration” may clear the DPF, saving the customer thousands.

A Genuine DPF can cost $3000 - $5000 for cars, and up to $28,000 for trucks so it is important to look after your DPF. We can perform a “Forced Regeneration” on most vehicles to try to clean the DPF. We can also supply a new aftermarket DPF for a fraction of the cost of a genuine DPF.

Some of the trucks inject “AdBlue” into the DPF to help the cleaning process. AdBlue is 32.5% Urea and 67.5% Deionised water. Urea = Urine!!!, but AdBlue is a synthesised version. If you run out . . . . J

The computer is programmed to regenerate the DPF, so removing the DPF isn’t an option as it will throw the engine light and cause problems. A new DPF must be fitted.

I have heard there are people who may be able to reprogram the computer to run without a DPF, however, you run the risk of big fines with the EPA, so it is not recommended.



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