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Modern Ford

FG Pursuit Ute

Images are the standard Ford system.

The valve is spring loaded and under pressure the valve lets exhaust gas escape through the second pipe.

It takes a lot of engine power to push the valve open, which creates backpressure and robs engine power.

The standard system was replaced with a free flowing, custom made 3.5” stainless system using heavy duty custom mufflers.

These systems have a deep idle, race car growl when nailed, and don’t drone when cruising.

Because we custom make these systems, we can make varying loudness systems.

The system included stainless flange joints, for easy removal, stainless hanging brackets and stainless welding.

We can also supply and fit other brands of exhaust systems, such as Pacemaker, Supercat, Redback, X-Force, Genie, etc

The best way to increase performance and fuel economy is with Extractors, Sports System, Ballistic 100cpsi Racing Cat, and a Custom Tune.

Joel can do a custom tune on our dyno, which will increase the power , torque, fuel economy and even shift patterns on autos.

Custom tuning makes the most out of all your modifications.

When we talk about Computer Tuning, it is actually reflashing the program inside your computer.

Often the standard tune is very rich, and often it still pumps fuel in while you are backing off and this causes popping in the exhaust.

If you change diff gears or wheel size, the speedo can be out of calibration and not accurate, which can lead to speeding tickets.

The computer tune can fix this, and when it is done on the dyno we log the power, torque and fuel mixtures and can print a graph off showing the improvements made along the way.

In the future, if you do more modifications, or if you have a problem, we can overlay the current graph over older graphs to trace problems, or show improvements.


On V8 Ford’s, extractors can take quite a few hours to fit, especially on BA – FG where they can take up to 6 hours. Therefore the cost of the extractors can sometimes be outweighed by the fitting cost. If it takes 6 hours to fit, the last thing you need to find is that the cheap brand of extractors don’t fit properly. On big jobs like this, we prefer to fit the well known, good quality brands.


Some Exhaust Shops use mild steel flanges, mild steel welding wire, mild steel hanging brackets, and some are welded from front to back in one piece, so there are no joins. If the system needs to be removed, it has to be chopped.

BF XR8 ute we did today (June 2014)

We fitted a custom Sureflo 3.5” mild steel system and upgraded the mufflers to stainless steel.

Ford Systems

AU XR8 System
We are agents for SS Inductions and can supply and fit Cold Air Intakes and larger throttle bodies for most models. SS Inductions Cold Air Intakes

Standard Ford XR8 Headers

Like all cars, Fords respond well to exhaust upgrades. Extractors and Sports systems both generate a lot more power and torque than the standard systems. Following are some pictures of the standard XR8 headers:

  • Notice the unequal length tubes
  • The crushed pipes into the flange plate
  • Squashed pipes into the collector
  • The gas from 4 pipes is restricted by flowing through an 1¾" collector
  • Internally welded flange plate. The welds are not ground and restricts flow.

    Expect a big increase in power and fuel economy by fitting aftermarket extractors.




    Stainless Steel Extractors Stainless Steel Exhaust


    Click on the small thumbnail image to see larger image below:

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