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Do you like the look of that daggy, rusty old muffler hanging out the back, scraping on the ground, with that "Dak Dak" noise?


We are experts at doing "VW Hidden Systems". As you can see in the pictures the system is high up under the guards and no where to be seen. The sound is awesome - more like a normal car. Gone is that customary "Dak Dak" sound.

We can also make custom extractors which fit very close to the motor and keep the heat away from the Beaver Panel. This is great for "Show Cars" or cars with new paint. Below are pictures of a polished stainless steel Beetle system that we have done. The system is virtually invisible from behind. Gone are the 4 pipes that were sticking 300mm out from the beaver panel and so is the rusty pipes.

The imported extractors may be cheap but most of the sets we have seen are poor for performance, hang too low, or stick out too far which burns the paint on your beaver panel.

Another Beetle we did belongs to Murray Fleming - President of the Flat 4 VW Club.

Keep on BUGGIN!

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