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Money Saving Tip: 
If you buy more than 1 Legendex product in 1 transaction Legendex offer a discount.

Legendex 4x4 Stainless Steel Exhaust:

The Aussie made Legendex system is the top of the range stainless steel system with a 10 year on & off road warranty. All the other brands are only “on-road” 2 – 5 year warranties. The Legendex exhaust comes with a ceramic coated turbo dump pipe that has a pyro fitting for an exhaust gas temperature gauge. The EGT gauge keeps an eye on exhaust temperatures, which is especially important when towing, on hot days, and up steep hills. None of the other systems have this fitting as standard. The Legendex system is a heavy duty system, designed for Aussie conditions, and designed to last the distance. They have a support network across the Country, so you know you are in safe hands. It is available with a cat and muffler for people that don’t want any EPA problems, and don’t want a loud and droney system. They also have louder options.

Legendex Beserker Pipe:

The Beserker Pipe is a flanged pipe that deletes the muffler. This is used for Off Road only, and makes it easy to swap your muffler for a pipe when you want to make a bit more noise.

Legendex PCM

have a Power Command Module that is specifically tuned to their exhaust system. The PCM is adjustable and has 9 programs loaded. Legendex say it is still covered by the factory warranty as the factory settings haven’t been changed, and it is also covered by the Legenex warranty. The PCM does not have potentially harmful high fuel pressures like some other brands. The Legendex PCM is tuned to the Legendex exhaust so the engine will probably run even cooler than when it was stock. The extra power, torque, lower fuel consumption and lower engine temps always come in handy when towing large loads such as caravans.

Legendex Thrust Monkey:

The throttle is controlled by the computer, and known as “fly by wire”. When you flatten the accelerator, the computer says it will give you the acceleration it wants you to have, rather than what you are asking it to do. This means sluggish acceleration. Legendex have the “Thrust Monkey” which plugs into the accelerator pedal and allows 28 different levels of acceleration from aggressive to eco friendly. These settings can be easily adjusted  by the push of a button to suit your driving style. This is also covered by the Legendex warranty.

Legendex Big Boy Intercooler Kits:

To suit your 4x4. Increased power and engines running 48% cooler than with the stock intercooler. Very important for hard offroad work, or for towing big loads. Available November 2017 so keep us in mind. More details as they come to hand.

Legendex Off Road Armour Rock Sliders:

The new Rock Sliders are available for popular dual cab 4x4 Utes such as Ranger, Colorado, D Max, Triton, Navara, and HiLux. They give great protection to your vehicle, hi Lift jack points, and are powder coated for durable good looks.

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