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New Mustang     


Extractors and Exhaust

With the stock exhaust, the Mustangs sound pretty tame, and people always complain about how their new V8 sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Mustangs sound great with a sports exhaust system and the performance is further enhanced with extractors, Performance Cats and a Cold Air Intake.  With the beautiful V8 exhaust sound comes increased performance and torque, which translates to better fuel economy if you drive for economy.

XForce are doing a Varex remote controlled stainless steel system which can be changed from loud to medium to dead quiet, which comes in very handy. This system is very wife friendly, and is handy on late nights and early monrings when you arrive home and don’t want to wake up the family or neighbours. XForce do a full kit including extractors and performance cats, which is the best for overall sound and performance.

Pacemaker are also making extractors for them, which are mild steel and ceramic coating is recommended as it cuts down the heat inside the engine bay, stops them rusting and looks like polished aluminium.

Magnaflow are also making 409 grade stainless steel systems for them as well.

There are many options to choose from, so let us help you when the time comes to make your decision.


Factory Manifolds vs Extractors

The Mustang comes from the USA which is LHD, and the steering shaft fits perfectly around the LHS manifold. On the RHD cars sent to Australia, you would think the RHS manifold would be mirror image to the LHS. Have a look at the poor excuse for a manifold they gave Aussies!!! It is absolute rubbish. One side of the engine is breathing much better than the other, and the back port on the RHS is a “T” intersection with the 3rd port. The back pressure on these back 2 ports would be incredible compared to the rest of the cylinders. This will kill the engine over time – obviously just out of the warranty period !!!

Fitting extractors and Ballistic 100cpsi Racing cats balances up the flow, reduces engine temps, increases power & torque, and gives better fuel economy. The downside is that it is a big job and you have to allow 1.5 days for it to be done, so they aren’t cheap to do, but the benefits are enormous. If you are keeping your car for a while, it is a necessary enhancement, that will bring a smile to your face, and your engine will love you for it.


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Cold Air Intake

We had great success with the new AIRAID Cold air intake, which not only increases performance, but looks great as well.
Check out the photos of one we installed recently.

Old air is denser than hot air and is more oxygenated, so it increases performance and gives a better fuel burn. This also helps with fuel economy if you drive for economy.



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