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VE - VF Commodores

Cat Back Exhaust Systems

We have done extensive dyno testing to ensure the product we developed for the VE was the best performing as well as best sounding system on the market.

As with all cars, VE's will vary in their performance as standard. The first one we tested was a manual SSV and it pulled 218rwkw standard. After our Dual 3" Cat-Back system was fitted it increased to 239rwkw.

The second VE was a manual SS and it pulled 228rwkw standard and jumped to 241rwkw with our Dual 3" Cat-Back system. We then made a dual 2 ½" system and when dynoed it made a dismal 231 rwkw (3rwkw more than standard). We then put our patented merge pipe in it and it jumped to 234rwkw. We also found that even though the same design of mufflers were used in both systems, the dual 2 ½" droned inside the car more than the dual 3" system.

The dual 3" system sounds very deep and race car like on the outside, yet is drone free (on a manual) on the inside. We are now developing quieter systems for the auto's and for people who prefer a quieter system.


Sureflo Exhaust - VE and VF  Commodores

Exclusive to Sureflo Exhaust

VE – VF STREET LEGAL under 90db Dual 3” Stainless Steel system – completely straight through!!!

Yes, you can have the performance, no restrictions, no drone, and (under 90db) STREET LEGAL !!!

Even on AUTO with AFM models!!!

Check out the photos below:

Free revving and noise meter
Acceleration outside & inside
Cruising at 60km/h at low rpm in drive, and with AFM cutting in – cruising

Sureflo has many different combinations and sound levels

VE – VF Dual 3” LOUD system


  • Comparison between Stock, Dual 2 ½", Dual 3" and with/without merge.
  • Sureflo Exhaust - VE and VF  Commodores

    VE SS M6

  • Before - Stock Standard Engine
  • After - 4 > 1 Extractors, Ballistic Cats, Dual 3" Exhaust with Patented Merge.
  • Sureflo Exhaust - VE and VF  Commodores

    VE SS A6

  • Before - Stock Standard Engine
  • After - Dual 3" Sureflo Exhaust, Pacemaker Short Extractors.
  • Sureflo Ballistic Extractors

    After extensive testing Sureflo standardised on the 1-7/8” 4>1 extractors. They made more power and torque, right through the rev range than the 1-3/4” set, and this was on a standard 6.0 litre engine. Therefore, it is far more important to use the bigger pipes to maximise power gains if you have a cam, supercharger, etc.

    Sureflo Ballistic Extractors

    Stainless steel 1-7/8” 4>1 designed extractors with a 3.5” outlet with internal spiked design. These kits are combined with the 5” body Ballistic 100cpsi Racing cat, which are now even further improved with an extra 15mm of ground clearance due to the new cat design. These kits finish in the standard position so other brands of systems will bolt up. It also means the cats are in the standard position and don’t hang low under the chassis rails, the cat back system shouldn’t need modification, and O2 sensor harness extensions are not required.

    Remote Controlled Exhaust System

    We now have a dual 3” remote controlled exhaust system that can be changed from loud to medium to dead quiet by pushing a button on a remote control. The rear mufflers are fitted with electric motors which operate a valve inside the muffler. When the valve closes, the muffler becomes similar to a standard muffler and the gasses are forced to travel backwards and forwards through a series of tubes before it escapes.

    This means, if you attract the wrong type of attention, you can make the exhaust quiet. When it is switched to quiet, it is dead quiet – like stock. This is especially handy for early morning starts, talking hands free, or if Police are about.

    CEL Cheater Tubes

    When you change to a performance cat, your engine light will come on. Most people get a tune, but to delay the need for a tune we have CheatRZ – which have a mini cat inside and trick the O2 sensor into not throwing an engine light. These are only $75 each fitted, so it is much cheaper than a tune, and they are universal, and can be used on your next car.




    Standard Holden Exhaust System

    The Standard Holden Exhaust System has restrictive manifolds, restrictive catalytic converters, customary squashed sections between the muffler and hotdogs, and restrictive rear mufflers. These all help to rob the VE and VF out of a nice sound and lots of performance.

    We then fitted a long set of 1¾" 4>1 extractors and hi-flow 3" stainless steel substrate Ballistic cats and tested it again. The car pulled 257rwkw, but because of the extractors and cats opening up the sound even more it droned a bit so we put one of our patented merge pipes in and tested it again. The power jumped to 260rwkw and this is without being tuned, keeping in mind this is a stock SS with Extractors, Cats and our Dual 3" System with patented merge pipe.

    We have developed our own extractors because the ones available off the shelf either re-use the standard cats or finish in the wrong place.

    By fitting long extractors and performance cats, the rear O2 sensor does not heat up enough and throws a code so your engine light will come on. This can be fixed with VCM suite (HP Tuners) software.   We have CheatRZ, which are CEL (check engine light) cheater tubes.  They trick the sensors into not throwing the engine light.  See below, or check out the CheatRZ page for more details.

    The long 4>1 custom extractors that we developed for the VE Commodore keep the cats in the standard position, so there is no problem with ground clearance. Other brands of extractors finish past the end of the cats, this means any cat back system has to be modified to fit, and the cats hang low under the chassis rails.


    Sureflo Exhaust - VE and VF  Commodores               Sureflo Exhaust - VE and VF  Commodores            Sureflo Exhaust - VE and VF  Commodores   

    Sureflo Exhaust - VE and VF  Commodores

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