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Cordless Soldering Iron

Cordless Soldering Iron - $280 delivered (in Australia)

  • Heats in 3 – 5 seconds which saves time – check out the video below.
  • Aussie Invented & Aussie made.
  • More powerful than most electric & gas soldering irons.
  • No need for a power point or gas bottles.
  • Heavy duty, machined from aluminium and knurled for non slip.
  • Powder coated in black, blue, red, yellow or orange.
  • Can be used inside, in confined areas, as well as outside in the wind, where a gas one would struggle.
  • Will solder up to 6mm thick cable easily. 10mm can be done but a struggle.
  • 1 hour charge which lasts around 3 weeks with moderate use.
  • Always ready to use, and a lot of soldering can be done without recharging.
  • Great for farms, boats, race tracks, enclosed engine rooms, outside in the wind, underground mines and areas where fuel vapour can build up.
  • Safe as there are no sparks, electricity or gas and a lot safer than cheap plastic soldering irons.

Check out the swollen gas tank on this soldering iron.
It could have exploded.  

If you are a fisherman or boatie, not only can you repair your boat electrics, but it will also cut braid like a knife through butter and seal the end, and it will trim the tag ends on braid, mono, fluorocarbon and you can melt a ball at the end to prevent the line pulling through the knot.

For those that still smoke, it will light a cigarette as well which is handy in the wind, or if you have wet hands. Lots of uses.

This is a video clip showing how quick it heats up

You can never have too many tools, so you know you want one!!!
Support Australian Made.

Note: The 240v charger is made in China.



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